How to Make Sure Your Letting Agents Beats the Competition

It can be difficult to know how to make sure your letting agents is standing out from the crowd. Impeccable properties, great customer service and positive reviews are all important. But, in the digital world, you have to have online listings to match. We’ve thought about the most important things to consider when adding properties to your letting agents’ website, or online marketplaces like SpareRoom and RightMove.

Be Accurate

We know your properties are great, so there’s no need to inflate the truth on your listings. Prospective tenants need to be able to trust you. If the property they view is different from the one you advertised, they’re unlikely to want to sign a contract. Focus on showcasing the best bits of your place, whether it’s the location, balcony, bedroom size or something else entirely, and make sure to mention everything honestly and accurately. Remember that everyone is looking for something different. Although some tenants might find one aspect of your property less appealing, we’re sure someone else will love it.

Use Virtual Tours

A sure-fire way to make your letting agent business stand out from the crowd and lead to more enquiries is by having a virtual tour of each of your properties. Add to your listings and give potential tenants a real feel for the place. Virtual tours are more important than ever in the COVID age. They let prospective renters gain an accurate idea of flats and houses before they visit. Meaning less wasted time for you and for them. Once you’ve got one, it’s easy to add across all of the platforms you advertise your properties on, and you can even loop them on a TV in your office.

Professional Photography and Videography

Lots of people will consider the images before reading any other part of the property listing. It’s really important, therefore, that to make sure the quality of your photos and videos is top-notch. Grainy photos taken on your mobile just won’t cut it in today’s online industry. Professionals will make sure the lighting and angles in your images reflect each space in your property as best they possibly can. Giving potential renters the chance to really get to know your house or apartment before they set foot in it. A professional video will add an extra layer of detail, too, by allowing viewers to piece together all of the individual photos without spending hours cross-referencing floor plans.

Virtualoom offers professional virtual tour, videography and photography services, amongst other things, and can help you to launch your letting agents’ online presence to the next level. Find out more about how we work and what we can do for you by getting in touch for a free quote today.

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