4 Ways to Make your Property Listing Stand Out

4 Ways to Make your Property Listing Stand Out

With no stamp duty to pay, property websites are being inundated with online listings. Making it difficult to make sure yours is being seen. We’ve put together a list of four things you should do to make sure your property listing is the best on your chosen platform

Virtual Tours

Make your property listing stand out from the crowd by including an interactive virtual tour. When prospective buyers or renters have been scrolling through hundreds of pictures, the opportunity to actually explore your space with a virtual tour will make your listing stand out. Be more memorable and have a higher chance of leading to an inquiry.  With some people still unwilling or unable to view properties in person given the coronavirus pandemic, having a virtual tour has become more important than ever.

Professional Photography

Saving money by taking pictures on your phone is a bad idea. Professional photographs will be less grainy, the lighting and angles will be deliberately chosen to show your property in as appealing a light as possible. Pictures are often the first part of a property listing a potential buyer or tenant will look at. Investing in good pictures will really pay off in the long run.

Professional Videography

The key to making your property listing stand out is ultimately interactivity. The more potential buyers or renters feel like they know the property, the better. Having videos showcasing the property’s best features and giving viewers a better idea as to how all of the pictures fit together can really boost interest in your property listing. Especially important given the current climate. Prospective buyers and tenants want to know they’re really interested in a house or apartment before making the decision to view it in real life.

Dressed Property

Looking to sell or let your space? Make sure it looks appealing in order to make your property listing stand out. Prospective viewers want to be able to visualise their lives in your space. That means they don’t want to see loads of the current occupant’s laundry or personal belongings scattered around. Spend time tidying up before Virtual Tours are taken.

Trying to sell a property can be a very stressful experience, especially if you’re trying to make sure your online listing stands out. Virtualoom can streamline your property listing creation process, taking care of your virtual tour, video, photos, floorplans and more all in one visit.

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