Why do museums need Virtual Tours?

Although it can seem counterintuitive because they house some of the oldest artefacts in the world, museums are often at the cutting edge of technology. That’s why they’re the perfect venues to embrace Virtual Tours and other digital technologies.

What are Virtual Tours?

Virtual tours are 3D, interactive renderings of a space in digital form. Special cameras are used to capture the rooms or outside space in high-quality images. Seamlessly stitched together, this creates a virtual walk-through experience. To find out more about Virtual Tours, take a look at this explanation.

Why do museums need them?

While another unprecedented period of prolonged closure will – hopefully – not affect museums again in the near future, being able to pivot to online exhibitions at a moment’s notice can be helpful in other ways.

Allowing people all around the world to view your most prized artefacts, Virtual Tours expand your reach internationally. Small museums might appreciate being able to keep tours running virtually if they’re unexpectedly understaffed. Organisations of all sizes could benefit while undergoing renovations or structural work.

Virtual tours will also appeal to a younger generation of prospective visitors, building enthusiasm and giving them a background to your collection. For educational purposes, well-executed virtual tours could be invaluable.

Are museums already using virtual tours?

Despite being closed during the COVID-19 pandemic, museums have still been sharing their most valuable wisdom with the world. By accelerating the digitalisation shift, the pandemic has seen many museums reaching more people around the world than they could ever have imagined.

Some museums have been achieving this through virtual tours of top exhibits and exhibitions. Others have found the shift to online curating slightly less natural. Videos of experts discussing pieces are amazing resources, but they don’t invoke a real museum trip in the way wandering around virtual tours will.

Overall, museums have pivoted into the online space with alacrity and skill. But, more could be done to mimic getting lost in the halls of a favourite museum.

Virtualoom can help your museum or heritage space embrace the shift to online while remaining faithful to your organisation’s values. Get in touch today to discuss your options, and receive a free, no obligation quote.

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