Why should you add drones to your property marketing strategy?

Keeping up with the latest marketing trends and technology can be tough, especially in the real estate industry. There always seems to be a new gadget (like drones) that promises to boost your listings to new heights. It can be difficult to cut through the noise and find the equipment and services that it’s really worth investing in.

Here at Virtualoom, we only offer services that we really believe in. Drone footage is a straight-forward solution that can really elevate an online listing. Which is why we think it could be right for some or all of your properties.

So, what are drones?

Drones look like mini helicopters. Controlled remotely, drones are mounted with cameras to take pictures & videos of properties that it would not be possible otherwise. They can be particularly helpful when photographing homes with lots of outside space, a quirky layout or an enviable location, as these things can be difficult to portray from ground-level.

How can I use them in my marketing?

There are lots of ways drone footage and images can be used in your marketing materials. We would be happy to advise you on the best strategy for your specific needs. That said, we’ve gathered some general suggestions below:

1. Content for your online listings

Online listing is unavoidable in the world of real estate today. Many prospective buyers and renters will find properties they like online before contacting an estate agent. This makes it paramount that you make sure your digital listings stand out.

Almost every listing will have images, you need to make sure yours have something extra to attract and engage viewers. Drone images and footage can really help, especially with larger properties set in private plots. In one short clip you can give a cohesive sense of the property.

2. Images in print materials

Whether you print brochures for individual properties or to market your services in general, high-quality drone photographs can take your physical marketing materials to the next level. Since flyers and brochures have limited capacity, bringing together the best bits of each property in a single frame can save you valuable space while still making an impact.

3. Footage in company adverts

Building your brand is one of the most important elements of any estate agent’s marketing strategy. Well-executed drone footage is a simple way to lend film adverts a sense of luxury and professionalism, instantly elevating your brand. Whether your promotional video is destined for a crime drama’s ad-break on primetime television or the TV screens in your practice, drone footage will help you to ensure your brand is beautifully portrayed.

How can I add drone footage to my marketing?

There are lots of routes into using drone footage in your marketing, depending on your budget, timeframe and availability.

High-quality drones are available on retail sites for anyone to purchase, so if you plan to use it with every one of your properties, it could be worth investing in the kit yourself. Bear in mind that, in addition to the upfront cost, you will have to ensure your staff are professionally trained and given enough time to complete each property recording to a high standard.

Virtualoom we have highly trained staff who deliver outstanding drone footage and images within a day of visiting. This takes the pressure off of your team and ensures the highest possible quality is maintained as standard across your marketing materials. 

If you’d like to talk to one of our team about drone footage, get in touch today!

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