Virtual tours: Theta Z1 vs Matterport Pro 2

Choosing the right tools for a job is sometimes the hardest part of getting started. Especially when the tools might require a considerable down payment. The 360-degree camera market is saturated, it can be tricky to know which one to chose when considering virtual tours. We’re going to take you through important factors to consider when choosing between the Matterport Pro 2 and the Theta Z1.


The Theta Z1 is substantially cheaper than the Matterport Pro 2. While considering value for money is very important, the Theta might be the only one to match your budget. If this is the case, your decision lies between the Theta Z1 and hiring an agency to create your tours, rather than choosing between two cameras.


The accuracy needed for your virtual tours will vary based on how you plan to use them. If they’re purely for promotional purposes, the Theta Z1’s 90% accuracy will be plenty. For property tours and event space hires, the Matterport Pro 2’s 99% accuracy rating will ensure measuring functions work correctly. Whichever you opt for, it is a good idea to include the accuracy rating below the tour on your website or promotional material, so clients can verify any important measurements if needed.


As might be expected, the higher-accuracy Matterport Pro 2 takes slightly longer to complete virtual tours, as it takes on more data. If time is of the essence when creating your virtual tours, you might prefer to opt for the Theta Z1.


Although the Matterport Pro 2 takes longer to shoot a virtual tour, its battery-life is definitely up for the job. Large enough to last a whole day of shooting, the Matterport certainly beats the Theta Z1 here. Smaller and without the ability to hotswap, the Theta can make it very tricky to complete larger virtual tours.

Image quality

Just like accuracy, the importance of image quality will depend upon what you intend to use the tour for and, just like accuracy, you get what you pay for. The Theta Z1 creates high-quality tours, but the Matterport Pro 2 uses HDR technology to produce noticeably better results. Whether or not this is worth the extra spend will depend on your individual needs.

Software compatibility

While both cameras are compatible with the Matterport virtual tour creation software, it will come as no surprise that Matterport-native cameras enjoy better integration. If you’re looking for ease of use across all of the Matterport software features, the Pro 2 is likely the camera you’re looking for.

Theta Z1 vs Matterport Pro 2: So, what’s the verdict?

Your final camera choice will ultimately depend upon your priorities and your needs. The Theta Z1 is a strong contender and, indeed, is probably the Matterport Pro 2’s strongest competitor. That said, if you’re looking for ultimate quality and accuracy, the Matterport’s your winner.

Here at Virtualoom, we think that both cameras have their place, however. The Theta Z1 is an excellent option for quicker, less technical tours, while the Matterport Pro 2 is ideal for bigger shoots. If you’d like to hear more about which camera option might work best for your needs, as well as receive a free quote for your required tours, get in touch today!

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