How to sell property to overseas clients

Successfully marketing properties feels like an ever-changing battle at the best of times. Selling property to overseas clients can seem near-impossible. At a time when quarantine periods are preventing many overseas buyers from viewing properties in person, honing your marketing strategy is paramount. We’ve put together a list of things to consider when marketing properties to overseas clients.

Quality Images

Images are the most important part of any listing, as they capture clients’ attention and provide a real sense of your property. Having high-resolution, well-lit images on your listings is vital but, more than that, you need comprehensive images. If you only list two of the three bedrooms in a property, prospective buyers will be inclined to think there is something wrong with the third, unpictured room. It is also a good idea to have each room pictured from more than one angle and to take close ups of particularly impressive or unique features, even if you choose not to post them all. That way, if potential overseas buyers request more pictures, you’ll be able to forward them without delay. 

Virtual Tours

With flights limited and quarantine measures in full swing, few overseas clients will be able to visit a property quickly enough to keep up with the speed of the real estate market. Virtual Tours allows buyers to explore properties at their own pace before deciding whether to put an offer down. Virtualoom’s tours allow agents or owners to add tags, meaning you can point out the best details of each home. Tags are a great way to explain the key points without the need to read a separate list of specifications.

Build Confidence

Buying a house is a huge commitment. Prospective clients need to be able to trust your virtual presentation of the property. This means it is vital you do not include anything that could be seen as deceptive in your listing. Whether that’s a photo angle that makes the rooms look 50% larger, or misleading wording in your descriptions. Find a marketing service that is able to portray your property in the best light while remaining accurate. Here at Virtualoom, we pride ourselves on delivery high-quality, accurate images and Virtual Tours that make your property to shine. Remember, overseas clients may have friends or family members looking to move too, so building their trust could lead to great word-of-mouth referrals.

Be Available

When marketing to overseas clients, be mindful of potential time differences. You should try to make sure at least one member of staff is available during standard office hours in your potential client’s time zone, so they are able to get in touch with queries or paperwork without any hassle. Alternatively, you could establish mutually acceptable contact hours when they first get in touch. Be prepared to answer queries about the buying process, too, as the systems may differ from what they are familiar with.

The most important thing when marketing to overseas clients is clear and accurate representation of the property. Whether you choose to do this professional photography, Virtual Tours and accurate floor plans, or a combination of all three, Virtualoom can help. Get in touch today to receive a free quote, and to find out more.

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