How Virtual Tours Can Increase Walk-Ins At Your Restaurant

We understand how important walk-ins are for a restaurant, now more than ever. Great marketing campaigns are vital to boosting walk-in numbers. But how can you reach potential diners who may never come across your adverts or social media posts?

Virtual Tours

Virtualoom Virtual Tours use state-of-the-art 360 degree camera technology to recreate every area of your restaurant in digital form. You can then add these to your website, Google Maps listing and even include them in other promotions.

Why do I need one?

Virtual tours can boost your restaurant’s bookings, as prospective diners can explore your space from anywhere with a phone signal. They can also boost your walk-ins in a range of ways – we’ve gathered some of them below:

Google Maps integration

Lots of people rely on virtual means to find restaurants at short notice. Google Maps allows users to zoom out and see restaurants near their current location. The quality of your Maps listing can play a big role in people’s decision to walk into your restaurant. Virtual tours increase engagement with your listing, making it more memorable when someone is scouring through dozens of options. They also allow people to really see how great your restaurant is without having to leave the Maps window, making it more likely to draw people in.

Higher Google ranking

Sticking with the search engine giant, having a virtual tour on your website can boost your Google ranking. Virtual tours encourage a website’s visitors to interact with it, boosting SEO rankings as Google’s algorithms value engagement and time spent on a page. Higher Google rankings mean that more people will be exposed to your restaurant when searching for places to eat in the area, leading to more walk-ins to your restaurant.

Increased credibility

Unfortunately, we all know that pictures can be deceiving on websites. Providing professional services too, our virtual tours add an extra layer of credibility to the images on your site. With prospective diners able to explore the whole space virtually, they will feel more confident when deciding to visit and thus increase your walk-ins.

Show off your space

We know there’s a lot to brag about when it comes to your restaurant, and a virtual tour is a brilliant, straight-forward way of showing it all in one go. All of the best features of your space will be included in the tour, getting prospective visitors excited to see them in real life.

Virtual Tours Increase Restaurant Walk-ins…

Virtual tours are a great investment for all elements of your restaurant business, but particularly for increasing the number of walk-in diners you greet. If you’d like to find out more about how a virtual tour can benefit your restaurant and increase walk-ins, or would like a free quote, get in touch with our team today!

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