Boost Your Hotel’s Bookings With A Virtual Tour

With lots of Brits choosing staycations over the stress, inconvenience and uncertainty of international travel at the moment, it’s important to make sure your hotel attracts as many bookings as possible. We’ve put together a list of just some of the ways a virtual tour can boost your hotel’s bookings.

Increase confidence

Pictures can be a wonderful way to increase interest in your website. They give prospective guests a sense of the rooms and facilities available to them at your hotel. Unfortunately, though, we’re all too familiar with lighting tricks and hotels showing only their best rooms online, which means we all view these pictures with a pinch of salt. A virtual tour gives prospective guests the opportunity to really explore your hotel at their own pace. This in turn leaves them more confident when booking.

Online exposure

Google algorithms are tricky things to crack, largely because they’re constantly shifting. Two seeming constants throughout the years, however, have been the importance of engagement with and time spent on a website. Virtual tours can boost both of these, as they are interactive and require visitors to spend time exploring them. Virtual tours can boost your hotel’s Google ranking, leading more visitors to your page and more guests to your hotel.

Show off your best bits

We know your hotel has special features that make it unique. Maybe it’s a beautiful alcove in the stairwell or a detail in the bar? It can be difficult to cover all of the best bits of a property on a traditional website. Virtual tours allows every delightful nook and cranny to be explored at prospective guests’ own pace. We want them to love your hotel as much as you do! We’re committed to catching every detail in our tours.

Remote exploration

By its very nature, the hotel industry relies on people booking when they are too far away to visit the space beforehand. Even those looking at event spaces within your hotel may be unable to visit in person before booking. Virtual tours allow people to experience your space regardless of where they are in the world. This also prevents your events staff from having to dedicate time showing your venue to people who are looking for something completely different. This saves both you and the party in need of a venue valuable time and resources.

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