What is the best Virtual Tour software for real estate?

What is the best Virtual Tour software for real estate?

If you’re working in real estate, we’re sure you’ve heard about Virtual Tours, and if you’re reading this blog you’re likely trying to work out the best software option for your company.

You’ve come to the right place!

We’ve broken down three of the most popular software providers in an easy-to-read guide, so you don’t have to trawl through all their different websites. What’s more, we’ve kept the focus on real estate, so you can be sure you’re choosing the best option for your budget, needs and industry.

Wondering why you even need a virtual tour in the first place? Take a look at this blog, where we break down the reasons your real estate business needs a virtual tour.



Matterport’s software package covers all of the standard bases – your footage is rendered into a seamless 3D model of the property, users can walk through to their heart’s content, and the file can be embedded anywhere from property listings to marketing materials.

So, what sets Matterport apart for real estate users?

The most exciting points are the schematic floor plans that can be created to within 2% accuracy from nearly any Matterport scan, and the 4K images that are rendered from the same scan. That means you can scan the property once, and leave with all of the digital materials you need to elevate your online listing – a full Virtual Tour, 4K property images and an accurate floor plan. Three birds, one stone.


Matterport’s software is also incredibly versatile. No matter which 3D camera you use, Matterport’s software will render the images and create your Virtual Tour with minimal fuss and maximum results. This can make it a good investment alongside a more affordable camera, or even a smartphone, while you’re still exploring the world of 3D imagery.


While you can try out Matterport’s software for free, real estate professionals would be better off testing one of their paid packages, to benefit from the full functionality of the software. With a starter option at £7.99/month and the Pro package running to £55/month, there’s no reason not to give it a go – although do check whether any of the features you plan to use regularly come at an additional cost, and budget for these accordingly. 

3D Vista


Again, 3D Vista delivers all of the standard points you would expect from your Virtual Tour, although depending on your personal preferences, you might find the interface a little less intuitive than Matterport’s offering.

3D Vista is particularly proud of some of its showier features – from transition effects to live guided tours and interactive panoramas, they’ve really put effort into their presentation offerings. While not all of these are useful in the field of real estate, things like Hotspots, which allow you or your client to add comments to and highlight particular features of interest within the tour, can really elevate your property listings.


3D Vista’s software is compatible with a range of 360 cameras, including leading Ricoh, Insta360 and Kandao models. You can also use specific GoPRO, Samsung and VUZE hardware to create your virtual tours.


Unlike Matterport’s subscription model, 3D Vista’s software takes the form of a one-off payment. At €499, it’s definitely worth checking out their free trial before committing to this software package – and be aware that additional functionalities and new features, such as Virtual Tour hosting, are not included in this price.



Kuula puts your user’s experience front and centre with their software package, which makes it a strong contender in the market. From offering a mobile-first player option to ensure your tours look as slick on the small screen as they do on the big one, to allowing native sharing options in a range of formats, Kuula is determined to make the Virtual Tour experience as enjoyable as possible.

That goes for your experience while making the tours, too. Kuula will render tours from all panoramic images, regardless of whether they were shot on a phone or a DSLR.


As mentioned above, Kuula is compatible with all panoramic images, regardless of the hardware used to shoot it. Be aware, though, that achieving the most professional results will still depend on the quality of the camera used.


Kuula’s Pro subscription starts at $16/month, while the Business option unlocks more features and begins at $36/month. The Business package includes extras such as custom domains for your tours, and Google Analytics integration – both of which are well worth having in the real estate space.

It’s worth noting that some of these features are included as standard by other providers (e.g. Matterport).

The Verdict

Choosing a software provider for your Virtual Tours can seem like an overwhelming decision – these tours are likely to be central to your marketing and sales success in the coming years. It’s important to weigh up all of your options, and make the decision that best suits your budget, needs and UX preferences.

If you’re looking into setting up your own, in-house Virtual Tour production at your real estate agents, check out Virtualoom Founder and MD Olivia’s 360Learn course. With first hand experience in the estate industry, and managing a portfolio of real estate clients’ Virtual Tours, Olivia’s experience and insight will leave you prepped and ready to start revolutionising your firm’s marketing.

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