Every bar and nightclub needs a Virtual Tour – here’s why

Virtual tours are 3D, interactive models of buildings’ interiors, which allow prospective visitors to “walk” through a site from anywhere with an internet connection. Our tours are a unique experience, optimising browser interaction and sharing your bar and nightclub as you’ve never been able to before. There are lots of ways in which a virtual tour will benefit your bar or nightclub, and we’ve outlined some of the key perks you can look forward to.

Events and venue hire

Anyone who has planned an event, no matter how big or small, knows that finding the perfect venue is usually the hardest part. We understand that having your staff show people around your venue, with no guarantee it’ll be the right fit can be frustrating for you and the viewer. So, how will a virtual tour help? Event planners will see every corner of your space online, without your staff showing them around and at whatever time suits them. If they like what they see, you can then arrange a physical viewing, safe in the knowledge that a booking is already likely. This saves your time, and the prospective client’s – a win-win situation!

Attract holiday-makers

People are becoming increasingly likely to check out bars, clubs and restaurants online before they visit, especially if they’re on holiday. This is because with so much choice and not much time, they want to make sure they’re choosing the best possible place to pass the evening. What better way to convince them than offering a comprehensive tour of your space, straight to their computers?

Google Maps integration

Our virtual tours integrate with Google Maps, meaning prospective visitors can check out your bar while they’re scouring the local area for somewhere to grab a drink. This is particularly helpful for bars and clubs which are mostly above or below ground level, or with a lot of back rooms, as you may not benefit from as much walk-in traffic without big windows showing off your venue’s feel.

Increased interaction

Virtual tours are fun, providing a welcome break from flicking through text and photos on endless websites. Not only will this make your venue more memorable, but increased visitor interaction will also boost your search engine rankings.

Stand out

You’ve got the exciting opportunity to get ahead of the crowd by adding a full virtual tour to your website before it becomes the industry standard. In such a competitive market, we know how important it is to lead the pack, and our tours will give you that edge.

So, how do you go about setting up a virtual tour of your site? Virtualoom will take care of all of the heavy lifting, leaving you to look after your customers (and their cocktails). Click here to send us a message, and we’ll get back to you with a quote. Our expert team will take care of the rest!

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