CGI allows you to create highly realistic visual representations of the new building development, helping potential buyers, investors, and stakeholders envision the final project even before it’s constructed. This can make it easier for them to understand the layout, design, and aesthetics.


With CGI, you can start marketing the development before it’s built. This is especially useful in attracting potential buyers and investors, creating interest and anticipation well before the physical construction is complete.


Making design changes during the construction phase can be expensive and time-consuming. CGI enables you to identify design flaws or improvements early, potentially saving you money by avoiding costly modifications later in the process.


 CGI allows you to highlight specific features, amenities, and design elements of the development. You can focus on what makes the project unique and attractive to potential buyers.

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At Virtualoom, we are dedicated to assisting architects and property developers in transforming their visions into reality.
Our team of experienced architects, designers, and developers possesses a profound understanding of the complexities involved in building design and its real-life manifestation. Through our cutting-edge virtual staging technology, we breathe life into your ideas, providing you with immersive 3D images that vividly portray the outcome of your project once it takes physical form.

What else can we do for you?

Our carefully designed listings brochures are strategically crafted to enhance the prominence and recognition of your listings, appealing to a broader array of potential buyers. Our skilled design team will produce a customised brochure that highlights the most exceptional features of your property, tailored to your specific target audience.

Enhance your photography with a distinctive aerial overview. This unique vantage point will capture everything from car parks to land boundaries, giving you a significant edge over your competitors.

A Virtual Tour comprises a comprehensive, interactive 3D scan of a property, enabling users to virtually navigate through the premises at their own pace, providing an in-depth exploration before an in-person visit.

Eliminate the guesswork and equip prospective buyers with a photorealistic CGI image of their investments. We utilise the most up to date technology to show accurate depictions of interior & exterior spaces before they are built.

Property boards are impactful advertisements that capture potential customers’ attention, but to stand out, a strategic design approach is essential. We work closely with clients, recognising the uniqueness of each property, to create and install professional marketing boards that enhance lead generation.

Promote your project using a dedicated property website, and amplify your message through the use of HTML mailers and advertisements. These methods are not only cost-effective but also wield significant reach and influence.

New scheme? Let us help you stand out with bold, unique branding! Your branding will speak volumes about your project and give consumers confidence in your offering.

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