Your Hotel Needs a Virtual Tour, Here’s Why

Holidaymakers find it difficult to make sure they’re choosing the right hotel. With thousands of hotels to choose from wherever you go. This means a hotel will have to pull out all of the stops online to prove they’re the best option. Leading to pricey listings on third-party websites, and research that takes you away from looking after your clients. A virtual tour overcomes these problems, and we’ve outlined how below.

Differentiate yourselves

We know your space is unique, but it can be difficult to convey your best features in static photos of some bedrooms and a few facilities. With a virtual tour, prospective guests can “walk” around your hotel with ease, really getting a feel for your style. You also have the chance to create a virtual tour before it becomes the standard across the hospitality industry – but only if you act now! 

Venue hire and events

By emphasising the beauty and one-of-a-kind nature of your hotel, you will also attract event planners searching for the perfect venue.The best part is they will have already explored your hotel and decided it’s the right fit from their computer, saving themselves and your staff the time and hassle of arranging a physical tour that might not turn into an actual booking.

Marketing makeover

Whether you normally host business conferences or bespoke weddings, a virtual tour will really improve your marketing materials. Interactive emails will attract attention, and create a lasting memory of your hotel. Similarly, the tour will help you stand out from the crowd at conventions and exhibitions, amongst the hundreds of other businesses just displaying static photos and handing out brochures.

Increase trust

Choosing where to stay is one of the most important considerations when it comes to booking a holiday or residential event. With less scrupulous hotels using misleading photos and falsified reviews, it can be a difficult choice to get right. A virtual tour will increase your transparency, and encourage prospective guests to trust you as they’ll know exactly what they’re booking.


Ultimately, all of these benefits to having a virtual tour of your hotel result in higher sales. More interested parties mean more enquiries and more direct bookings. An increase in online bookings straight from your site also saves third-party listing and booking fees, keeping costs down for you and your guests.

So, where do you start with making a virtual tour? Contact our expert team here, and we’ll get back to you with a personalised quote within the hour. You can leave the rest to us!

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