Your estate agents needs to introduce Virtual Tours: here’s why

It can be difficult to make sure your real estate business is staying ahead of the crowd. Especially with so much competition. Virtual tours are proven to boost leads and enquiries by up to 49% compared with conventional listings. Giving your staff more opportunities to make sales! They also sell homes up to 26% quicker than their traditional counterparts, meaning your properties will spend less time sat on the market. We’ve listed just some of the other ways your estate agents needs to start using virtual tours.

What is a virtual tour?

Here at Virtualoom, we create online experiences like nothing you’ve seen before. Our virtual tours are 3D models of your properties allow prospective buyers to view property interiors from multiple angles. Users also get accurate measurements and really explore the space. Adding a tour to your website listings allows prospective buyers to have a look around without any of the usual hassle – for you, the seller or the buyers themselves. Our tours are everything you need to promote and share your properties with an online audience.

Meet buyers’ needs

Looking to move house? Whether you’re buying or renting, it can be an incredibly stressful experience. House viewings are often the most difficult part to arrange. Quite apart from finding a time all the interested parties are able to visit the property, travel time and costs can make viewings a real headache! With virtual tours, your prospective buyers can walk through 20 properties or more in one hour, without having to leave the comfort of their own home. They allow you to host a 24/7 open house service! Virtual tours are also ideal for people looking to move into an area from further afield, or even another country.

Save your time

Since potential buyers will independently eliminate properties that aren’t a good match online, your agents are able to save hours showing them around the wrong properties in person. This means you’ll increase the hours your staff are using to successfully manage and close sales, streamline your service and ultimately save money.

SEO rankings

In the world of online marketing, Search Engine Optimisation is king and it’s difficult to get right, but viewer interaction is a specification that’s been important for over a decade. The longer potential clients spend on your website, the higher you’ll be ranked in search results. Our virtual tours are engaging and keep people interested, which means more buyers and renters will find your business before your competitors when they’re searching online.

Virtual tours are an exciting new technology, set to revolutionise estate agents. So, what’s the next step? Become an industry leader by getting in touch for a quote today, and make sure you stay ahead of the curve. We’ll take care of the production, so you can look after your sales. Contact us here.

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