Will we still need property tours after COVID-19?

Will we still need property tours after COVID-19?

There’s been a lot of talk about the “new normal” in recent months. With lots of companies moving their entire workforces to working from home and questions about superbugs and public health providing plenty of food for thought. In the property industry, lots of estate agents and landlords have experimented with virtual property tours since the coronavirus outbreak first reared its head. But do they really have a place in property management and sales going forward? Here are Virtualoom, we think they do — and we’ve explained our reasons below.


Virtual tours save everyone involved in the property market time. Even the best property photos fail to give a real feel for your property. When prospective renters or buyers are able to fully explore properties for themselves in the original listing, they’re better able to decide whether or not they want to view a property in real life. This means agents spend less time travelling to and showing clients around properties that don’t match their tastes or needs. Fewer unsuccessful enquiries allows for more productive staff and happier clients.

Widen your market

When people are looking to move long distances, they need to be sure the property they are moving into meets their needs without being able to visit it in person. Showing people around on FaceTime can be deceptive. Clients don’t get to control what they see in the same way they can with virtual tours. Even people living abroad can gain a real feel for your property, and explore it to their heart’s content, from the comfort of their own homes, and feel confident in paying a deposit before they step foot on a plane.

Stand out from the crowd

When marketing properties online, there’s a lot of noise to compete with and it can be hard to know how to make your listings more appealing and more memorable than the competition. Virtual tours require people viewing your listing to interact with your house or apartment. This automatically increases engagement and ensures the viewer will remember the listing better. Virtual tours can also increase the visibility of your listings on third-party sites and in search engine results, meaning more prospective buyers or tenants will see your property.

Lead the pack

Virtual tours are the latest in real estate technology, and adopting them now will position your business at the forefront of the industry. You’ll build clients’ trust by proving your pictures are accurate, while establishing yourself as a trailblazing firm. Remote tech has accelerated during the pandemic, but it has been clear for years that the future is virtual. Don’t get left behind.

Virtual tours have been a lifeline during the coronavirus pandemic, but they’re more than an emergency measure. They can streamline your property business, boost client engagement, put you ahead of the competition and, ultimately, increase your profits.

The best part is, they don’t need to be time-consuming to set up. If you’re interested in adding virtual tours to your property listings, get in touch with us today — we’ll provide you with a free quote and take care of the rest.

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