Why your holiday home needs a Virtual Tour

Why your holiday home needs a Virtual Tour

Running a holiday home can be a challenge when you’re having to attract new guests, while also making sure your current visitors have the best possible stay. Oftentimes, this means signing up to expensive third-party websites and spending hours trying to take a perfectly lit photo of each room. A virtual tour will solve these problems, and provide more benefits besides.

So, what is a virtual tour?

Virtualoom’s tours revolutionise the world of digital 3D models, creating an experience unlike anything you’ve seen before. We allow viewers to explore your space from multiple angles, get accurate measurements and immerse themselves in your holiday home with nothing more than a computer and an internet connection. Our tours give you everything you need to show, market and share your real-world space with digital audiences.

What does it mean for me?

We understand that marketing a holiday home can be tricky for a lot of reasons, but we also know our tours will make it easier. We’ve outlined some of the ways below.

Do your home justice

Trying to really convey the style, comfort and beauty of your holiday home in a handful of photos is nearly impossible, even if you go to the expense of hiring the best photographers. With a virtual tour, prospective guests will explore your property at their own pace, really getting a feel for it before they arrive. And the best part? You don’t have to lay a finger on a camera – we will do it for you! 

Differentiate your listing

With more than six million rooms and properties listed on AirBnB alone, it can seem impossible to make your listing stand out from all of the others no matter which site you choose to advertise on. Adding a virtual tour encourages browsers to actively engage with your listing, causing them to spend more time on it, get to know your property and remember your holiday home better than the countless others they’ve looked at.

Encourage trust

Renting someone else’s property, whether for a night or a month, is often a leap of faith, making it a potentially stressful process. A virtual tour will put your guests’ minds at ease, and make them more likely to trust you over the other hosts they’ve considered.

Boost online bookings

Really, all of these smaller aspects amount to one thing: more bookings. Virtual tours improve your digital marketing and encourage good faith in prospective guests, who will then opt to book your property.

How do I get a virtual tour?

Here at Virtualoom, we believe you should take care of what you do best – making sure your guests have a wonderful stay. That’s why we keep our process as simple as possible. Get in touch with us here, and our expert team will get back to you with a quote within the hour! We’ll handle the rest.

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