Why Virtual Tours are the future of travel and tourism marketing

Why Virtual Tours are the future of travel and tourism marketing

With vaccine optimism rife and many travel and tourism firms dusting off their marketing
strategies, now is a good time to make sure you’re building back better than before.

The last year has been tough for the travel and tourism industry, with lockdowns, flight bans
and furlough pay packets all weighing on the bottom line. One potential silver lining,
however, is the chance companies involved in the travel and tourism industry have to build
their marketing strategies back up while making them better than they were before.

What has changed?

COVID-19 has made most holidaymakers more cautious, with concerns ranging from the
cleanliness of a hotel to the prospect of a refund if a popular tourist destination is closed
due to the virus. Marketing teams across the industry will have to be aware of these
increased concerns, and work to allay them, if they wish to be successful in 2021 and

How do Virtual Tours fit in?

Virtual Tours could be a useful resource in this new marketing strategy across the board. We
breakdown how below:


Wherever your hotel business is based, prospective guests will want to feel
reassured your business is clean, well-kept and COVID-compliant. A virtual tour of
your building and any surrounding areas can provide this reassurance in a way that
glossy, staged photographs may not be able to.
A secondary impact of virtual tours is that they increase engagement with your
hotel’s website. By allowing prospective clients to virtually wander through your
amazing space, you’ll be getting them excited for their visit and make them more
likely to book with you. This can boost your bottom line just as much as the
reassurance that your hotel is a safe place to be.

Tourist attractions

Whether you’re the manager of a centuries-old castle or a sleek new skyscraper with
views across the city, you’ll want to make sure you attract as many visiting tourists,
and locals having a “staycation” as possible. A Virtual Tour can reassure guests that
your safe is space, but it can also show off the amazing things your attraction has to
offer. This can make it particularly useful for smaller countries and lesser-known locales, as
people can see the reasons they should visit first hand. With many keen to avoid
huge crowds of tourists in the aftermath of COVID-19, lots of prospective travellers
will be looking for places off of the beaten track, and a virtual tour of your attraction
might just draw them to yours.

Restaurants and bars

With refreshments making up a large chunk of lots of tourists’ holidays, you’ll want
to make sure your establishment stands out to visitors when travel opens back up.

By adding a Virtual Tour to your Google Maps listing, you’ll engage people looking for
somewhere to eat or drink speculatively. Your listing will grab their attention and the
Virtual Tour will assure would-be diners and drinkers that your business is safe,
attractive and the right option.

Here at Virtualoom, we specialise in commercial Virtual Tours for a wide range of spaces. To
get a free, no-obligation quote and take the first step in rejuvenating your marketing
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