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Finding a great place to eat can make or break days out, special occasions and even holidays. Because of this, more diners are choosing to research restaurants ahead of time by checking out menus and reviews online.

Of course, food’s a big part of restaurant choice, but so is the decor, layout and ambience – an industrial, communal-dining set-up might not be everyone’s choice for a romantic anniversary meal, for example. So, how can you make sure prospective customers get a good feel for your dining experience before they even walk through the door?

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We integrate your tours into the heart of Google to boost your SEO, user engagement and visits to your website

Increase Bookings

Showcase your unique restaurant and increase conversion to bookings by as much as 14%

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Your restaurant welcomes your customers online 24hrs a day, 7 days a week

Show Off Your Style

Whether customers are looking for a quiet meal after work, or the perfect place to dine before a night out, the best way to show off your flair is with a Virtual Tour. We know your space is beautiful, and sometimes pictures just aren’t enough to do it justice.

Attract More Event & Group Bookings

Trying to organise an event of any kind is stressful, and finding the right venue often means arranging lots of viewings. With a Virtual Tour, though, planners can take a look at the size and layout from their computer, speeding up the process for them and winning you the booking.

Give Customers The Perfect Table

Trying to make sure customers are happy with their table while managing a full restaurant and getting orders out can be an uphill struggle, but with a Virtual Tour you have the option to allow customers to choose their own tables when they book, saving your staff a headache and keeping your guests happy.

Boost Bookings

Restaurants already using a Virtual Tour have seen up to 30% increases in their bookings, with diners travelling from further afield to visit them. All of these elements ultimately mean you’ll see increased sales and bigger projects.

Dollhouse View

The Dollhouse View provides a photorealistic 3D floor plan perspective that is fully interactive. More than 2D photos, which present a single view, Dollhouse Views provide a 3D perspective to help people visualise room flow and the spatial relationship between spaces — and provide a way to navigate quickly to any space of interest.

Google Street View

Put your business on the map by publishing your Matterport 3D tour on Google Street View. This enables you to provide an inside look into your business and invite customers to learn more. You can also add your Virtual Tour to your website and download other digital assets acquired during the 3D capture to use in your marketing.


Mattertags are pop-up windows within your 3D models that enrich the digital twin experience with additional information on features. A great way to highlight points of interest in your restaurant tour, Mattertags allow you to embed notations, links and even videos directly into your 3D model. 

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