Four ways a Virtual Tour will improve your dental practice

Four ways a Virtual Tour will improve your dental practice

When you’re running a dental practice, your focus is on taking care of your patients as soon as they step in the door, but what if we told you a virtual tour makes sure you’re caring for them as soon as they search for your surgery online? Read below on how a virtual tour will help your clients, and your business.

What is a virtual tour?

Here at Virtualoom, we construct 3D, digital replicas of your premises that you can add to your website and display on social media. Prospective patients are able to interact with the model, enabling them to “walk” through your building from the comfort of their own home. Our tours are unlike anything you’ve seen before, and are the perfect way to show, market and share your practice.

How will a tour benefit your dental service?

Relieve patient anxiety

A virtual tour is an effective way to relieve patient anxiety, thus improving the quality of your service overall. Lots of people suffer from nerves, fear or discomfort when they think of visiting the dentist, which can make it difficult for you to look after their teeth. Giving patients a chance to explore your practice as many times as they like before they even step foot inside will make that first visit less challenging, for everyone involved.

Boost private client numbers

Private clients expect every aspect of their treatment to meet their standards, and this includes the setting. Using a virtual tour will emphasise the beauty of your practice in a way that static photos on your website can’t. Allow prospective patients to explore your space with a virtual tour, and you’re sure to see an increase in private bookings.

Widen your client base

Patients looking for private dental services are often willing to travel – sometimes even overseas – in order to receive their perfect treatment. The quality of your clinic will be a big factor in this, so comprehensively displaying your practice with a virtual tour will attract clients from further afield. When preparing to spend a large sum of money, or travel a long way, people need reassurance that your service and premises will match their expectations. A virtual tour is the perfect way to prove that they will.

Increase interaction

Search engine algorithms are funny things, and the goalposts always seem to be shifting when it comes to working out how to keep your website at the top of the Google results list. The amount of interaction your website receives is a definite way to boost your ranking, though. Add a virtual tour to your site, and you’ll see an increase in engagements, which will in turn lead to a higher position in search results and ultimately more patient enquiries, both NHS and private.

The best news is creating a virtual tour for your dental practice couldn’t be simpler! Get in touch here for a free quote today, and a member of our expert team will take care of the rest.

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