Matterport Error Codes: What to do when things go wrong

Getting to grips with any piece of new tech – no matter how savvy you are – will always come with some hiccups. Luckily, Matterport’s devices and software offer descriptive and (usually!) easy-to-fix error codes.

So, rather than panicking or running to a wordy user manual, we’ve put together a quick guide to the most common Matterport error codes, and easy ways to get back on track.

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So, let’s get started with some common Matterport error codes…

Camera unstable. Tighten mount or tripod.

This one is exactly what it says on the tin. In order to create a seamless, professional Virtual Tour, camera stability is paramount. So, if you’re shooting with a Matterport camera, it will alert you to any instability as you go. This stops you from wrapping a day’s shoot only to find out later that your footage is unusable.

The fix for this one is just as simple as understanding the error: Tighten your mount or tripod and reshoot. If you keep getting this error message, consider investing in a higher-quality mount and/or tripod. In particular, make sure you avoid ball-joint clamps, as these can cause the camera to shake a little.

Alignment error.

If you receive an alignment error while shooting a space, it means that Matterport is having trouble stitching the current scan to the previous ones. In other words, it can’t work out how this scan attaches to the one before.

Again, this has an easy fix – Matterport recommends reducing the space between your current and previous scan by half. It can also help to mark windows and other reflective surfaces in both scans. If you’ve rearranged any furniture in between, return it to its original position and, if the lighting has changed noticeably, try to replicate the original lighting as much as possible.

If you continue to have trouble, try rescanning the previous space, too.

Low certainty. Verify or delete scan.

This error code is essentially Matterport’s way of asking for reassurance. Something in the most recent scan has been flagged in the software, and you just need to check the preview pane to confirm that the new scan is in the correct place.

Sometimes this will happen when everything is as it should be – in this case, you can just verify the scan and keep going. If it isn’t, delete the scan and try again a little closer to the location of the previous scan.

Camera calibration error.

This one certainly sounds scarier than it is. All you need to do is upload the content and check the quality of the upload is high. If there are any issues with the quality, or if you keep receiving this error message, you should get in touch with Matterport’s support team.

Issues connecting the camera to the app.

In order to work with Matterport products efficiently, it’s helpful to use an iPad with the Matterport app to process the data as you scan a property. You can find out how to connect your Matterport camera to the app here.

Sometimes, things don’t go quite right while you’re working across these two devices, though. Let’s break down and solve some common connection issues.

The camera won’t connect.

There are lots of different reasons this might happen, but the most common are: the camera is switched off, the camera hasn’t been connected in the first place, and there’s an issue with the internet connection.

Matterport cameras switch off automatically after 30 minutes of inactivity. They will also power off if they run out of charge. Make sure you carry spare batteries with you to prevent a sticky situation where you run out of power, and always try to turn the camera back on if you’re experiencing connection issues.

If the camera is definitely on, you can try running through the connection process we’ve linked above from the beginning again.

If your connection issues arise when you’re trying to upload content to the Matterport Cloud, it could be an internet issue instead. Make sure you’ve connected your devices to a stable internet network, and try again.

The connection process is taking forever.

Sometimes, it will seem like your camera is connecting, but you get stuck in an in-between stage. In this case, your first port of call should be turning the camera off and back on again. Be aware that Matterport cameras take around 45 seconds to boot up fully, and they will not connect while they’re doing this.

If the problem persists once you have rebooted the camera and allowed it to warm up, follow the “Frozen Matterport app” steps below to restart the app.

Connection to the camera has been lost.

Again, the first thing to double check here is that the camera is on and ready to be used, with a decent amount of battery power left.

Next, double check that the iPad is connected to the camera’s wifi, not your usual network. If you move the camera around a property but leave the iPad in one room, you could move out of the camera’s network range, and automatically reconnect to the standard wifi instead. That’s why it’s important to make sure you take the iPad around with you as you complete the scan.

Finally, if connection trouble persists, make sure your wifi signal is as strong as possible. Turn off bluetooth, cellular data and other wifi networks if possible, as this will reduce competition for the necessary connection.

Frozen Matterport app.

Assuming you’re using an iPad as you scan, you may find that the Matterport app occasionally freezes. You probably won’t see an error code, but you’ll be unable to continue using the app. This is usually due to the large amount of data it is processing, and is nothing to worry about.

As with many tech challenges, the primary course of action is to turn it off and turn it on again. Simply close the app by double tapping the iPad’s home button, and swiping the Matterport window off the screen. Then, after waiting 30 seconds or so, reopen the app in the usual way. It should now be working as usual.

Greyed out, unresponsive capture button.

If the capture button is coloured grey, and doesn’t respond when you tap it, it’s likely that you’ve lost connection to the camera.

Matterport cameras take around 45 seconds to warm up, so make sure you’ve allowed that much time between turning the camera on and trying to take your first scan. If the problem persists, follow the “Issues connecting to the app” advice above.

Camera will not rotate.

Another tech problem that is almost  always solved by turning it off and turning it back on again. If your camera won’t rotate, or gets stuck at one angle, simply force it to reboot. Hold the power button for 5 seconds, when the camera will be completely off. Wait around 30 seconds before turning the camera back on, allowing it to reboot fully and try again.

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